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8.-10th of June the second "Norwegian Spekemat Festival" will be held at Tynset in Hedmark. "Norsk spekematfestival" is a national festival where anyone with an interest and love for Norwegian food will meet. Norsk Spekematfestival will reinforce quality, tradition and innovation, and cheer the Norwegian farmer and all those who processes raw materials to become high-quality food.

Experience a gourmet and fine dining in an extremely compressed environment, where exhibitors and cooks takes the audience on a food trip in natural surroundings. Tynset is a municipality with long and strong agricultural traditions, which have been put on the map through Nortura and its focus on Norwegian cured ham, especially the "Santa Kristina ham".

The Ham-destination Tynset has adhered as a concept, and Nortura quality marks their best products under the slogan "Real Tynset". Furthermore, we see that the interest and need for knowledge and innovation in Norwegian agriculture steadily growing.

Tynset Events, in collaboration with Tynset, County and a number of industry players have now joined forces to establish a separate cured meats festival.

For more information please contact us. 


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